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2022 Kingsley Survey Reveals Increase in Tenant Satisfaction

In 2022, Bridge participated in KingsleySurveys, a yearly survey conducted by Grace Hill that allowed our tenants to provide voluntary feedback on our properties. We are proud to announce the following accomplishments and improvements:

  • 94% of rating areas exceeded the Kingsley Index across all properties

  • Overall management satisfaction increased, exceeding peers across the board with a 4.7 out of 5.0 score

  • 20 of our properties (61%) received the Kingsley Excellence Award, an honor presented to properties that exceed the Kingsley Index benchmark in overall satisfaction

  • 21 of our properties improved in their overall satisfaction from 2021, or remained at a perfect score

These increases in satisfaction reflect Bridge’s dedication to our properties, tenants and ESG initiatives. We are committed to prioritizing the engagement and satisfaction of our tenants and are thrilled to see our efforts reflected in the 2022 Kingsley Report.


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